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Avalanche Marketing Group, Inc. Networking Like a Pro

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Avalanche Marketing Group, Inc. is a relationship-based business, and that means we need to be skilled in the art of networking. We therefore help our executives perfect their networking abilities by providing coaching and training in best practices for making strategic connections.


One of the first things we tell new team members is that they should look sharp. It’s true that appearances convey a message, and so we ask our executives to always appear at their best. They’re required to dress in professional attire, be well-groomed, and be ready to meet the public at all times.


Equally important is the need to always carry business cards. We encourage them to store them in the same place (a pocket or a purse) in order to allow for quick retrieval when necessary. Hand-in-hand with this concept is the need to always have a pen or smartphone available to jot down details about a discussion or to make notes about an interaction with a potential contact.


Finally, we help each individual develop an elevator pitch regarding the work that they do. This short message that can be conveyed in the span of a short elevator ride should summarize their industry, their expertise, and why they love what they’re doing. This is a key part of starting conversations with prospective contacts, so we encourage each individual to practice the pitch to ensure they can deliver it with confidence and poise.


By working with our executives on their networking skills, we help them make better connections to enhance their professional careers while ensuring our corporate connections grow as well.


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